Our Commitment to You

We are committed to being a safe space for anyone experiencing emotional pain. We are committed to providing a point of contact where people can feel heard, explore their problems and talk about what is important to them.

Equal opportunities lie at the foundation of our service. We do not believe in judging, discriminating or labelling emotional pain. Each person will be valued and respected for who they are.

We are committed to making our service safe for service users and listeners. We therefore do not condone any personal verbal abuse within our service or from service users. It is perfectly okay however to express yourself describing your situation or how you are feeling.


All sessions at StartToTalk are confidential unless a listener feels someone is at risk of serious harm. We may then have to inform another service to help. We will also break confidentiality if someone is involved in money laundering, terrorism or criminal acts.

Listeners have a moral obligation to protect children and vulnerable adults and to take action they feel is necessary to avoid the emotional, physical and sexual abuse of children and vulnerable adults.