StartToTalk is a listening service and cannot solve your problems for you. We are here to give you a space to express yourself and to help you discover what you would like to happen next.

We cannot give advice or tell you what to do. A listener maybe able to suggest another organisation or place you could go to receive specialist support, however we cannot guarantee that other services will have the help you are looking for or that they will be able to help you immediately.

We are not a medical service. If you are feeling ill your GP or consultant will be able to advise you.

StartToTalk cannot take responsibility for the security and safety within the service user’s environment. This includes the security of the computer, laptop, IPad or phone (landline and mobile) used by the client. At StartToTalk  we ensure our equipment is safe by using recommended protection within the IT industry. We ensure our system has antivirus and network encrypting software.

StartToTalk admires the courage and strength people have to contact us. Listeners are aware that it is difficult to talk about painful and distressing experiences; we therefore endeavour to help people talk about what they would like to during a session. Listeners however cannot know what someone would like to talk about, if there is something you really want to talk about, it is up to you to tell us about it. StartToTalk holds a person-centred approach at its foundation and believes in helping clients to feel empowered.

It is each person’s responsibility to look after themselves, keep themselves safe and to make their own decisions in life.

StartToTalk is therefore unable to take responsibility for any choices made after a session or any events a service user is involved in after talking with a listener. We aim to provide a safe and contained listening service, however we will make clients aware of other support available to them if the client indicates that this would be helpful.