About Start To Talk

StartToTalk is run by counsellors, therapists and people trained in counselling skills. We recognise that there is a huge need for emotional support and that counselling waiting lists can be very long and leave people in a limbo with no one to talk to about their problems. By offering emotional support sessions and running groups, we aim to help people who do not have access to the support they would like.

As counsellors, we are also very aware that counselling and psychotherapy can be very restrictive. Counselling and psychotherapy involves entering into a contract with the therapist and usually agreeing to a certain amount of face to face sessions at the same time and day each week. Although this arrangement is therapeutically helpful, at StartToTalk we aim to be more flexible. Experience has taught us that sometimes people may need a bit more support than once a week or find a different way of connecting with a counsellor more useful. Financially it can also be a huge commitment to enter into counselling or psychotherapy so our service is also available for one-off support sessions and for those who do not feel able to commit to the counselling process once a week or at the same time each week.  

StartToTalk works in an integrative way. We will listen to you in a person-centred way whilst also valuing other listening skills which may be helpful. We do not rely solely on one way of working as we believe everyone who contacts us is a unique individual and will have their own path to healing.

At StartToTalk, we have all experienced difficult and life changing experiences. We hope that even though peoples’ experiences are never same, this will help us to understand you a little bit better. We recognise the enormous amount of emotional and physical energy it takes to keep going when life is tough. We also have 10 years of experience of working within listening and therapy services.

We have experience of working with the issues listed below:

  • Crisis                               

  • Anxiety                  

  • Bullying at Work

  • Depression                     

  • Confidence Building 

  • Loneliness                      

  • Cultural Identity

  • Rape 

  • Post Traumatic Stress      

  • Young Adults

  • Students

  • Feeling Homesick

  • Sexual abuse                  

  • Older Adults    

  • Support to get into Work

  • Domestic Violence         

  • Difficulties and Stress at Work

  • Working within the NHS  

  • Immigrants

  • Low Self Esteem            

  • Refugees and Asylum

  • Disability and Illness      

  • Feeling Suicidal

  • Helping People achieve their Goals

  • Supporting Carers

  • Emotional Support for Parents with Premature Babies or with Children who have Complex Needs