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“The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying small stones.”
– Chinese proverb
StartToTalk provides emotional support, counselling, self help and confidence building to people in various ways.

We offer a safe space to talk for anyone experiencing emotional pain such as depression, fear, anxiety or loneliness. We aim to provide empathy, help exploring problems and a listening ear when times are tough. We strongly believe in compassion, equality and fairness. We reach out and connect with people through using various mediums. We run emotional support sessions through online chat, email and a phone line. We also run a variety of groups to help decrease isolation, increase self-awareness, build confidence and learn new skills.

How Are You Feeling?

All kinds of experiences can impact upon our everyday lives.  You may be struggling to cope with life emotionally or practically. Difficult experiences may leave you feeling down trodden, sad, anxious, depressed, tired or suicidal. Many people today suffer in silence with difficulties such as self harm, flashbacks, loneliness, stress, poor self-esteem, oppression, illness or long-term disability. 

Many people find it difficult to share with others how they are feeling. If you are feeling in distress, you may be worried about confiding in someone who is close to you because you do not know how the person will respond; you may be worried that you will be judged, you may worry that the person will not know what to say or even that the person will not take you seriously. If you are feeling upset and would like to talk with someone at StartToTalk, we are a confidential service which aims to provide a safe space for you to voice your feelings and concerns. We will listen and support you in a sensitive, empathic and non-judgemental way. 

Contact us to learn more about setting up a consultation. We work with individuals, groups and see both adolescents as well as adults.